Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another year passes, literally...

So almost a year to the day Russ posted on the new "something" that we were working on. That new something has turned into a couple of new "somethings" that are now plainly obvious.

JJ was working on a baby (no pun intended) and he and Jenn's baby boy will see the light of day sometime very soon (February, I think?).

Johnny got married this summer to his beautiful, wonderful, cool, exceptionally talented, etc. wife and has already secretly recorded an album's worht of tunes that may or may not ever see the light of day.

Patrick and his Aminal buddies have been absorbed into other mediums like Some Army (we'll get to them in a second) and J Kutchma's band.

Last night, Some Army, Russ, Elysse and Patrick's new band put out a 7" on our very own Breakfast Mascot Records at the Local 506. The Honored Guests were all in attendence and in the same room together for only the second or third time since we put out Please Try Again. So we got all nostalgic and started talking.

Then I got all nostalgic this morning and decided to post on a website that I'm sure only my mother is looking at now. Regardless, there is a more than minute possibility that the next update on this site might be in less than a year's time.

In short, we're still a band. We just rarely act like it. After reading all of the great press that Some Army's new 7" got this week, I am amazed at how up-to-date local journalists are on our condition. Maybe someone other than my mom is looking at this thing after all?

Needless to say, we're quite busy and we're thinking about making ourselves a little more busy. For now, why don't you all enjoy the new Some Army stuff over HERE.

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