Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wilmington, WXDU, Durham

Hi. Some stuff coming up this weekend and next:

We play Friday, November 12th at SATELLITE BAR & LOUNGE in Wilmington, NC with Aminal. Check out an article in ENCORE mag about us and the show HERE.

We play Sunday, November 14th on Ross Grady's show on WXDU - Duke's radio station - at 4 PM. I think this will actually be our first live performance on-air...or second, I think we did something live from a record store in Hattiesburg, MS a few years ago. Either way, it should be cool. You should probably listen. You can do that at 88.7 FM in the Triangle, or HERE.

We play Friday, November 19th at the brand spankin new MOTORCO MUSIC HALL in Durham with Luego and John Howie and the Sweethearts. Haven't seen Motorco yet, but everyone says it's beautiful. Looking forward to this one. We play first that night, I think around 9 or 9:30.

Also, there's a review of the Into Nostalgia EP HERE from Eric at INK 19.

Echoes in the Alleyway is 3/4 of the way to the fundraising goal for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Go there and download it for free, love our version of Doves' M62 Song, as well as some other pretty cool takes on Doves tracks, then donate a few dollars to this charity. Amazingly, The Guardian in the UK (ONE OF THE BIGGEST NEWSPAPERS ON THE PLANET) liked our track...seriously, we have proof HERE. You can also stream our contribution to this album in the Reverbnation player to the right of this page.

Rehearsal last night was good, except that Patrick and Elysse and Andrew all know how to play way too many DMB songs. After the Motorco show, we have nothing booked. Gonna get to work on finishing some demos we've been working on and figure out what the hell we're gonna do for our next release. Speaking of releases, buy our records on iTunes:

Please Try Again is HERE.

Into Nostalgia is HERE.

Thanks for listening, coming to shows, writing about us, talking about us, etc. 2010 has been a really good year so far.

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