Sunday, October 3, 2010

we cover DOVES for fun / charity

when we finished PLEASE TRY AGAIN, we figured it would be fun to do something that didn't involve freaking out about our own we put our spin on Doves' "M62 Song". this is the first recording we've done with Elysse, and we're pretty surprised and excited about how well it turned out.

we did this for ECHOES IN THE ALLEYWAY: A TRIBUTE TO DOVES, which comes out in the UK on October 18th and will be a "free" download, though we (and the organizers) suggest you make a donation to the UK Teenage Cancer Trust, cause fuck cancer...especially the teenage variety. go here for more info, and check back on Oct. 18th to hear what we (and everyone else) has done.

some shows coming up in October, we'll be in touch shortly. hope everyone is well.

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