Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Details on the Into Nostalgia EP

Here is some more info on our upcoming release, Into Nostalgia:

Into Nostalgia EP

1. Hey Jude Law
2. Chasing Some Wild Sheep Chasing the Wasp Dream
3. Jimmy's a Cop Now
4. I Want You to See Through Me
5. Boy
6. Paper Cuts

The 6 song EP will be released on May 3rd. We'll have more on exactly how you can get your hands on a copy in the next week or so. The online cover of the record is above and was beautifully constructed by our favorite artist, Mr. Jerstin Crosby. If you're familiar with us, you're familiar with Jerstin, as he has done all of our artwork from day 1. Here is his site if you're interested in what he's doing: Elves Are Watching

The physical release will look slighty different because it is being done as a limited edition, hand made screen print by Jerstin. However, it will have the same general feel. We'll post that once a photo shows up in our inbox.

Please Try Again is still on the agenda and we're hoping to be done before the end of 2010. This doesn't make any sense, you say? You're right. We don't know what happened either. But we hope that you enjoy the new material. We'll be back soon with some more fun.

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