Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We joined Twitter last night and hope that you'll follow, if you use such things. To be honest, I can see how the service could be useful and could even facilatate real-time access that could change the world (see Iran). To be more even more candid, I don't really see how it's much different from a facebook status update, but if the kids like it, then we're on board. Given that we don't know anything about twitter etiquette (or any other etiquette, for that matter), please excuse any faux pas when it occurs.

Too add further life to our existence, it should be known that the entire band was present with instruments in hand last night for the first time since April 4th, 2008. That date coincides with The University of North Carolina's tragic loss in the Final Four of 2008 against Kansas. Now that UNC has avenged that loss with a stellar National Championship in 2009, I guess that it means that we can move on with our lives and get back to rocking. We may even book a show or two. But you'll just have to wait until your Twitter feed tweets to know when that will be.

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